Justice for Iqbal Hussain

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Cooco’s Den and Cafe has been temporary closed since the spring 2018. After Closure Notice, it is illegally running by my Nephews (#Abrar Hussain, #Israr Hussain, #Nazar Abbas) And they are not taking any health action towards our customers and we are loosing our clients and reputation.

I am the rightful and legal owner of Cooco’s Den and cafe, and i own its name. I am not giving its name to anyone in karachi.

My NEPHEWS locked Me with my two daughters, and my granddaughters inside our house. I couldn't go out and nobody could come in, Except my Nephews. They were downstairs. They locked us in amd tried to possessed the restaurant, Illegally.

They threatened my family. My nephews (Abrar Hussain, Israr Hussain, Nazar Abbas and their Servant Shahid Fazul Hussain) Threatened my wife, if you ever put that Closure Notice back on the Cooco’s wall, Then you will face its consequences.

FIR reported against on of those criminals who locked me inside, but My restaurant is still Illegally running by them and they are trying to possess my restaurant and my house. Now They are mischievously blocking our gas and water pipe line, so we cannot eat or drink. This is inhuman. 

None action is taken from anybody.