Sana Safinaz needs to apologize for their racist advertising campaign!

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The latest lawn campaign for Sana Safinaz features African people as props for fashion models which is extremely racist and disrespectful. 

Images featured in the catalogs, Facebook and Instagram pages show African culture in a derogatory light: as an object of fascination for being rural and underdeveloped, so promoting class-ism. As people of color and a rural society, the supposed contrast is rather superficial and of course, extremely tone deaf. 

Cultures develop over time with great wisdom and sacrifice. It is extremely irresponsible to use them as a marketing tool, and perpetuates negative stereotypes. 

Sana Safinaz is one of the most popular, award winning, unstitched fabric brands of Pakistan. The campaign is extremely bad in taste and is insensitive. In the long run it normalizes racism in our society.

We want Sana Safinaz to apologize for the campaign, remove the derogatory images from social media and call back their printed catalogs. Until then, we refuse to buy Sana Safinaz and would recommend others to do the same.