I #stand with Sed Qureshi.

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A man with name Sed Qureshi is being shared by most of the people on facebook twitter and instagram also. People have exaggerated this too much.  Theres nothing like sexual abuse to animals done or reported  by him. He uploaded a previous video of him holding a cat by neck and its graphic at a certain level but he apologized for it. Whats interesting is people for the second time have taken it seriously as the man Sed Qureshi uploaded his profile picture with the caption "link is coming soon" or whatever. Well he was just trolling you or making a mess again but feminist and liberals are way too much free. In short, attention seekers are contributing so much against Sed Qureshi . 

Main Point:
- Don't include the screenshots other than that cat abuse or video etc. You have no right to point out his personal life matters. You should not have any concern with his abuses or mindset. If he raids people account / tracks them / abuses them its something else. But guess what? Feminists have got a plus point and its for them is a great chance to take revenge. 

Share this as much as possible. 
Regards: Jibran Nasir.