Pakistan Cricket Team World Cup 2019 Performance.

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We, the undersigned fans of Pakistan Cricket, request Imran Khan and Pakistan Cricket Board to finally step up and take charge of saving Pakistan Cricket. Living abroad with different cricket playing nations it is really embarrassing for us to accept the performance of our team players.
While losing in sports is acceptable, not even showing fight against the opposition is not acceptable. As per Ricky Ponting, “Pakistan beats whoever they want to beat and they lose from whoever they want to. It's not Pakistan vs the opposition. Its Pakistan vs Pakistan,”
We need a full investigation from the authorities, why did we lose without putting an effort against West Indies & Australia in 2019 World Cup. If it is proven, it was Pakistan vs Pakistan then we want ruthless decisions against the culprits and this will set the example for upcoming players and remove the tag of unpredictable team.
Hope you will understand the feelings of the fans and you are our last hope and you owe it to the people of Pakistan.