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Petitioning Pakistan Consulate General Mr. Mohammad Nafees Zakaria

Pakistan Consulate General: Aid in stopping the Shia Genocide occurring in Pakistan


Hundreds of people have been massacred in Pakistan based on their religious beliefs and the criminals have not been condemned for what they've done. The Pakistani government has turned a blind eye on attacks against Shia Muslims and it's important that this matter is dealt with soon. People are witnessing their beloved family members in pieces on the roads and children are realizing that they've become orphans by finding their father's head, then that of their mother's resting on ruined grounds. When is this crisis going to end? Why is no one speaking for the oppressed?

Letter to
Pakistan Consulate General Mr. Mohammad Nafees Zakaria
Please aid in stopping the Shia Genocide occurring in Pakistan. People seem to have forgotten that the Shias that are being massacred are humans as well. It's not right to kill people based on their beliefs, and frankly, not saying anything about the oppression going on makes you no different than the oppressors killing innocents. Therefore, if not for anything, but for the fact that we are humans, hence brothers and sisters in humanity, please do something about the tyranny.