Seafield Temple Violence

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Save seafield temple from being demolished. Group of people forced their way into the temple and told the devotees to leave. The temple furniture was destroyed and the main shutter of the altar in the priest room damaged.  Along with the main priest and the temple leader were held captive by individuals armed with knives. Indian temples are being destroyed all over MALAYSIA and this is not the first time. When will this discrimination stop! Pakatan Harapan need to take action before the chaos turn into a race fight between Hindu and Malay but in reality it's not a fight between Hindu and Malay. Please arrest the one who are responsible for this chaos. We don't want to disturb the peace and harmony of Malaysia. Dr.Tun Mahathir need to involveand solve this issue as soon as possible. There's many more places for the developer to construct buildings. Let the temple be where it is right now. And just take action on the people who created the ruckus. 

Take action! Voice up! This is Malaysia. Each and everyone here has their own rights.