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We should allow pajama pants in Klein Schools on Fridays

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I propose that we should allow pajama pants in our dress code. Many people agree that we would all learn better if we were comfortable. I think it would be much less stressful for us and the administration if the AP's didn't have to go around dress coding everyone. This is just my opinion but if you agree, join me in petitioning for a change in our dress code. As a support for my cause, I will show the dress code in its entirety and a link for the student handbook. Here is the dress code:
REGULATIONS (Dress and Grooming)
It is essential that school guidelines be such that an atmosphere for learning is created. Dress regulations should discourage the extremes and the fads that may lead to disruptions or to distractions. The terms disruptive and/or distracting refer to anything that causes attention to be diverted away from normal instructional time or school activities. Such regulations should provide appropriate standards for the general appearance of students, should foster both physical and mental health, and should train students in proper dress habits.
The regulations governing campus dress and grooming standards will be enforced by the administration and by the faculty. It shall be the responsibility of the professional staff to determine the appropriateness of proper dress for all school occasions.
General Requirements for All Students
1. Students may not wear a military uniform to school unless it is in conjunction with a school approved activity.
2. Students may not wear suggestive or inappropriately-located decorative patches, insignia, or clothing with improper advertising, pictures, slogans, or statements.
3. An American or any state flag or facsimile thereof may not be attached on a garment in a disrespectful manner.
4. Hats or head coverings may not be worn in the school buildings.
5. Appropriate footwear is required.
6. Any garment or design of a garment which is too short or too revealing and would tend to provoke a suggestive or uncomplimentary remark may not be worn to school. Appropriate undergarments must be worn.
7. Any attire that is distracting or disturbing will not be permitted on school property.
8. No underwear-styled garments will be worn as an outer garment.
9. Shorts (“athletic attire,” or walking)/skirts/dresses are acceptable as long as they are mid-thigh
or below. Bike shorts of any style or length, worn either as an outer or visible under
garment, are prohibited.
10. Pants that hang on the hipbone, result in a bare midriff, or are too revealing are not acceptable. The waistband or other material belonging to the undergarments must not be visible. No holes or tears above mid-thigh are acceptable unless worn over leggings or tights.
11. Any low-cut, see-through, or backless garment may not be worn to school. Straps on outer garments must be sufficiently wide to cover undergarments.
12. Hair must be clean and well groomed. Any hair style that is distracting or disturbing will not be permitted on school property.
13. Facial hair must be neatly groomed and styled in a way that is not distracting and may not reach a length greater than ½ inch.
14. No paraphernalia that indicates or promotes gang membership may be worn or displayed (this may include but is not limited to bandannas, chains, jewelry, hip cloths, baggy pants, tee shirts, gang writing, and color codes).
15. No student will wear exposed rings, studs or other jewelry associated with body piercing.
Students may, however; wear earrings or ear studs.
16. Tattoos, icons and any other markings on the body that cannot be removed shall be covered
at all times in an unobtrusive manner that is not disruptive to the instructional process. A student who has such markings on his or her body and who wishes to participate in extracurricular activities shall ensure that the markings are covered by the standard uniform for the activity or in another appropriate manner. The principal, in cooperation with the
sponsor, coach, or other person in charge of an extracurricular activity shall regulate and
enforce these guidelines.
17. Students may not wear orthodontic appliances unless prescribed by a medical

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