There are no kings on this earth only Princes

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To whomever it may concern, U must come to your senses
There are no kings on this earth on Princes


I wanted to share views from the most influential Prince fans from the social media community. There are some incredible and talented people who have worked with Prince and who selflessly produced podcasts and videos. 

They arrange concerts, parties or simply just try to keep his legacy alive. That’s where I come in- Prince has been with me my whole life.  He shaped me; he made me who I am today. 
My constant.  The soundtrack to my life.

I wanted speak directly to you about my feelings toward the legacy and the output and how we keep this incredible, virtuoso performer alive for generations to come, as well as giving the loyal fans just a snippet of what we hope for. Prince can be so much more to so many more people.

Below are my thoughts

Keeping his legacy alive for the next generation is my sole purpose, spreading my love for this man, sharing his music, his performances e.g.  His timeless super bowl halftime show or the ferocious yet spellbinding performance on SNL of FURY wow!
Ramming it down the throats of family and friends or the neighbours, as they get Prince all day and all night, or simply some poor unsuspecting passer-by, that notices my symbol tattoo or my purple trainers or because I’m wearing a prince t-shirt.   I will return to *Merchandise later

That is why the Legacy reissues are key to the success and a building block for the future
however, who are they aimed at?
Are they to drive new listeners into the category, how to replicate how it started for us once did, all those years ago.
But things have changed, there’s No PRINCE, to help -to put on concerts and to release new material. However we are here, where are you?

How can we help, well though social media and our experience and knowledge.
My question still stands how do legacy reissues do this job?

Well they don’t to be honest, from what I’ve seen. The presence, volume and availability just aren’t there.  Only the hard-core fans buy them, and that’s missing the point isn’t?

Exploiting the loyal fans with extortionate pricing strategies, confusing and over complicated  variations and messages-  for example the 4 or 5 versions of 1999 super deluxe,  we don’t want edits and 7” versions, especially on a 2 disc set for the general public, give the casual listener  a taste of the live performer we all love.

The product as I said is in such short supply, and with no singles to promote, now that’s an idea….
no adverting and no visibility in my local wrecka store.
Promotion is key.
Show his concerts on the big stage at Glastonbury, or Netflix. Bruce Springsteen on Broadway got 100m+ views. Imagine how that would open so many more opportunities.
 All this means new Prince Fans buying more products and investing into the legacy.

I know the music industry has changed and we don’t consume music the same way anymore,
my concern is the next generation, they cant even name a Prince album.  Tested!
Albums matter - The pleasure in listening to the Rainbow children from start to finish is a thing of beauty, a modern masterpiece.

Did I mention the Rainbow child is a masterpiece and for the majority of listeners of music, surely it needs to be heard in its entirety doesn’t it?
Music lovers who consume and, buying vast amounts of product,  everything a collector would, a collector the type of which still exists and the vinyl resurgence has sprung new life back into buying physical product.
A consumer that embraces all types of genres: jazz, classical funk, soul, needs to hear this record.
But how when distribution and adverting is so poor?


Where does the casual listener go? Online to YouTube  and that’s why the Prince YouTube channel is key to the success, but with less that  1million subs, that has to be an issue.

So we come to the live stream in May on YouTube, a captive audience with Coronavirus and the world in lockdown.  So why not show something to capitalise on the new reissues in May.

The You Tube  Syrcause concert, a VHS that’s been available since the early 80’s and reissued on the purple rain deluxe.
Who is this aimed at?
Who is it attracting?
 It’s lazy and thoughtless and is not helping. 
How is this old fashion, in relation the 4k product being consumed by a generation, going to drive new listeners into the category?
Maybe a concert to promote the releases?  Something from the One night Alone tour, and not Aladdin. He played the hits, and that’s what sells but more importantly its drives interest for further releases and gets new fans interested.
All this along with the fact we know you have access to well stocked vault full of product, relevant product, High definition product. Such as the outstanding HitnRun tour or the **Piano and Microphone tour, I will also revisit this later.
Yet a concert is picked that is widely known “off by heart” by every Prince fan.
I care now more than ever. I have been a fan for 36 years since the age of 12.
I have followed Prince and Associated artists all this time, buying everything, ravelling everywhere to seen him live. My generation this generation of Prince Fans is 40-50 years old and will disappear. Who will carry on the legacy, when we’ve gone as I’ve mentioned the casual fan is not interested. Surely it’s time to act.
Surely this must be the single most important thing to all those involved.
How you drive new fans into the category

Paisley Park is so far remote, and for me it can’t attract the footfall needed, the visitors it deserves! For me it never will without his presence.
What are the plans for Paisley Park, as the current number visitors it requires to be a sustainable business, I’m guessing are not meeting the target required.
So the future of Paisley Park worries me, this spiritual, untouchable place, well, I honestly can’t see it being here in 10 years.

*Merchandise, Don’t  start me on the terrible job with merchandise for all the fans in the UK.
The cost is an issue, it’s overpriced, the exclusive bundles, the competitions and the customs charges all exclude and alienate the UK fan base of which we are many!
If it wasn’t for the incredible job Rockitpoole do in the UK, I would never be able to own that new Prince t-shirt or get the latest release.  
I’m a hardcode fan I , don’t like that the term, but what I guess it means is that I ,I’ve and breathe Prince

We are in “unprecedented times”, a phrase we’ve heard a lot with coronavirus, but I’ve been using that saying in relation to Prince for a long time. There’s never been another artist like it. We all know that, but it’s in relation to the vast amounts of work and the vault. I know it’s taking time to sort stuff out, legal fees as much as $50m rights, copyrights ownership, sibling rivalry….  But where’s the plan where’s the strategy, where’s the transparency?

There none of that, well as far as we can see.
The marvel universe did something very cool and so do Hasbro/Star wars franchise.
They communicate with their fans, I know, just imagine that and 2 way street for communication.
It provides transparency, a plan of things to come for the year.
We are now in to May and what have we had this year?
We did however, and I for one was very excited about the Paisley Park Live stream. It was a first, as I mentioned previously a captive audience, whilst we are all on lockdown.
All the fans and Facebook groups were intrigued. We Adore Prince and we were all hoping that a concert was going to be released or news of a never released project,  maybe an abandoned album “black is the new black” springs to mind . Now this would be incredible.
We all know it exists along with vast amount or recorded concerts. But no we get a shoe expose.
Oh….. It’s appreciated but does the casual fan or even the hard-core fan really care?
The presenter, Mitch didn’t even know the name and stumbled clumsily over the name of Princes’ music streaming service the new music generation club power.
No it’s the NPG music club- attention to detail guys, its important. Sadly lacking, sorry but if the boot fits—oh that’s your name for the shoe expose, or maybe a trippy picture shoe.
I’m coming from a place of positivity,
“All of this and more is for you, With love, sincerity and deepest care.”

A plan for the year, would be start, what’s being planned for release, we need to save!
 Breakdown the walls and connect with the fans. Well as I mentioned Hasbro do surveys to ascertain exceptions and thoughts. Why not work with the fans and celebrate the anniversaries of the hugely influential albums. The moment disappears and the opportunity is sadly lost.

All the albums, all the concerts, all the footage, all the non-released tracks?
Why has this not  been released since his TRAGIC passing in 2016, well we’ve had the Purple Rain deluxe, which frankly was already in the can, a reissue from the 2015. It did however contain some n incredible unreleased tracks and a concert, here’s the SYRACUSE again.  He comes the famous Frisbee disc, such as the 1999 release, why include the single edits and 7” versions for the casual listener, get them excited, they’ve all read about this famous vault. 1000’s of songs, 100’s hundreds of concerts.
The Purple Rain deluxe, well another missed opportunity , we didn’t even get the proper soundtrack including the performances of The Time, Dez , Apollonia, orchestral parts and extended versions of Darling Nikki extended, Purple Rain full length and Take me with u extended to name but a few.
I’m guessing they weren’t considered, or are unknown to the people involved and responsible. Well they should be, take a look at the Japanese release of “Strange Tales from the Rain” this release had all the tracks in order they appeared in the movie
My Purple Rain copy has never been opened.

I would have liked the unreleased tracks on vinyl.  It’s an insult really but we bought it.
See what happens there. We buy everything, still waiting for 1999 on LP and what’s with the obsession of purple rain era?
The Lets Go Crazy Grammys tribute, spanned a shameful 3 year period. What a travesty.
Especially now we have seen the uplift in sales/download, etc., imagine if the 90’s onwards had been included

back to the legacy…
Take the 1999 super deluxe, release, this should be the blueprint for all future deluxe/special editions, yet it’s not without criticism.
We have hard-core fans, here’s that word again, that have not been able to buy the product.
 I was never able to buy the vinyl in the UK.  HMV as a chain has 1 copy nationally. The money was there, I had saved, but as Prince once sang “still waiting” by the way it’s on for £350.00.

As for the other posthumous releases **Piano and Microphone 83 was released, it felt rushed, I can see a conversation happening here, “we’ve found something its great, it’s a demo, it’s never been heard before, it has a Purple Rain reference.
Wrong we knew of it, and what we got was far superior in terms of quality but it was missing elements previously available. And it’s a demo?
Someone close to me said its great “a peek behind the curtain” but does it have repeatability? No!



So what’s the point, I know I said we buy everything but £50 of my hard earned cash on a demo, it’s a bit steep. It should have been a bonus disc saved for another release. Purple rain deluxe maybe?

The problem I have with this release is the damage it’s caused and could affect all future releases.
It’s the benchmark for sales; AOA sold only sold 66,000 copies, which is shocking as it’s an incredible piece of work. Well it shouldn’t be, and I’m sure Piano and a Microphone 83 old far fewer. 

The reason behind why this could damage the future releases along with the Originals, oh I forgot about originals.
I have never truly revisited the Originals since its release and the first initial play; again it’s all about repeatability.  How we open the catalogue up to new listeners.

Perception is key , all this amazing work,  the mythology, the intrigued about the said Vault , and what do we get a demo tape and some songs that were giving to other artists , that all non-Prince fans could probably only name 1, or maybe 2.
After speaking to friends who are forced to listen to Prince- other music doesn’t exist. They’re not interested.
The Piano and Microphone tour was something very special indeed, starting at Paisley Park in January 2016, ending in Atlanta on the 14th April 2016. Why has this never been released?
Well I’m afraid the moment as I’ve mentioned perilously lost.
It was the perfect tribute, it was a celebration, and it was heartfelt but more importantly self-biographical.  (I won’t talk about the book launch here as it’s about the music and visual
I will save that for rainy day)
Prince was on great form, interacting with the audience. He was relatable for the first time in forever.
Well that’s how it seemed (Perception) and could have been the perfect platform for so much more.  But now it’s tarnished but the estate by wrongly attaching the name to the demo release. The public will see the piano and microphone tour release on a shelf and remember the demo tape
Sorry “I was dreaming when I wrote that last sentence, it went astray. “ It will never be released.

The celebration at PP in January 21st 2016 should have been released immediately after his passing or with the book release.  The last concert in Atlanta at the fox theatre on the 14th April should have been released, the Sydney opera house concerts should have been released
 we know the footage exists we know the quality of these recordings, as Prince himself released 3 on TIDAL.

Let me help, in spreading the word and have a plan on how get millions of fans to LOVE this man and all he stood for as much as I do.
Let me help drive the New Generation
Let me start the Next New Power Generation