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pain and suffering

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Famililes are being taken apart and in some cases they have been treated like criminals. Last time i checked this is the land of opportunity and it was built by immigrants and this is the land of dreams and i think everybody deserve a piece of that dream. I am for one born in the United states but my Families are legal immigrants And i can't imagine what would happen to my Family if they were illegal , this affect everyone and i remembered when i went to school i learn the pledge of allegiance to the flags states that we are one nation under god with individual liberty and justice for all and i see with these new laws they are violating the civil rights of everyone that look different and we need to stand up and speak up for those who can't speak for themselves for voices that cannot be heard . I understand there is a lot of us without job these days but it's not the immigrants fault. This is because poor management of funds that were used to bail out banks and companies that were supposed to opened new jobs instead, they mismanaged the money into personal gain. so is easy to blaim somebody who is not at fault and we blaim the bush administration for man handling money in a war that could of been prevented. How many countries like cuba who civil rights of the citizens have been and are still being violated and nothing has been done except for the embargo that only hurts the people of cuba and not the goverment. I think that these immigrant deserves a chance to be here in america i am ashamed that their are american citizens in the united states that are so cold hearted and not human put yourself in their shoes . These immigrants come to this country to support their families they come here with a dream to better themselves and follow their dreams, who are you to take their dreams always? they are here to work let be good christians and followers of god because in god word he talks about how he loves immigrants let stand up for what right american citizens. Imagine if the same injustice that these immigrants are facing through you and your families went through it, imagine if this were to happen to your familiy. I ask you to be good citizen and good christians and help me and my family and sign this petition to help those illegal immigrant to have a chance. stand up for what right and with god help we can make a difference God bless you please help and sign my petitcion . God bless America and Our troops. Thanks

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