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Give Pahlaj Nihalani his 1 lakh signatures.

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Moral Policing has made an impact in every facet of an Indian life. It has reared its ugly face everywhere, including Bollywood films. Now and then, fringe elements decide that a particular film, a particular scene and a particular concept has no place in mainstream cinema and then the problems occur. Shah Rukh Khan has faced the brunt of this quite a few times, as have his films. Now, a seemingly innocent film, 'Jab Harry Met Sejal' is in the limelight because of the word 'intercourse'. 

The story till now is not complicated. The film's trailer has the word 'intercourse' and it showed on TV. Pahlaj Nihalani has said to Times of India that if the Indian public gets him 1 lakh votes, he will clear the word 'intercourse'. And there in, Nihalani has opened up the Pandora's box. 

The comment shows the sheer arrogance with which a Government Babu operates. It exposes the ignorance that this man has to the population that's India. It chides us, the Indians, into accepting that we are a nation of 'Change.orgers', a kind of people who want the world to change but won't even change their detergent, because 'yeh hi chalta hai'. (this is what works)

Pahlaj Nihalani's comments have been nothing if not derogatory until now. In reference to the bold sequences shown in web series, he's said that the celebrities are bringing out their inner most desires on screen. The helplessness that he has when it comes to streaming content must have gotten to him. 

To clear the air, I am not a SRK fan. I am not even an Anushka Sharma fan, though I think she's the most formidable force in a post modern Bollywood. I am not even an Imtiaz Ali fan. But, as soon as this document goes out, I will be branded as just that. And so will the people who sign this. 

At best, Pahlaji will backtrack on his words. At worst, he will say that he has been misquoted. 

But what he has given to India right now is something that few organisation heads have given. The opportunity of plebiscite. The opportunity of plebiscite by a person who's still holding a responsible position. Is he the benevolent ruler who's wanting  a plebiscite because he's genuinely confused about what the people want? Or is he arrogant and confident enough that no body will bother coming up with 1 lakh signatures? The 'Udta Punjab' debacle hasn't taught the authorities anything. It is ironic that I write this document on the day there's a promo of a series about a grown woman marrying a kid. With that, Pahlaj has no issues. He has issues with the word 'intercourse'. 

So here's the solution:

"Pahlaj, here are the 1,00,000 signatures you wanted. Now, bow down to the people and 'allow' the word 'intercourse'. '

Please sign this Petition, so that it reaches the right (pun intended) people. 

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