City of Greensboro: Address Page High School Vehicle and Pedestrian Concerns

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Please sign this petition to get action by the City of Greensboro in addressing traffic and pedestrian concerns along Alma Pinnix and around Page High School.

Parents and students spoke at the Greensboro City Council on March 6 and shared the petition signatures to date. We are continuing to ask for signatures until all concerns are addressed. 

We are asking the City of Greensboro for clearly marked pedestrian crosswalks on Alma Pinnix to the Sophomore Parking Lot and Sherwood Student Parking Lot. The City has indicated that a sidewalk on the opposite side of Alma Pinnix will need to be installed. And for a crosswalk on Golden Gate to assist pedestrians crossing to homes. 

We are also requesting updated and consistent signage and signals; longer light times during peak school traffic hours (8:45-9:00 and 3:55 to 4:10); improvements to help with morning and afternoon traffic congestion along Alma Pinnix and at the Cone and Golden Gate intersections; and, sidewalks around the school along Cone to assist pedestrians and cyclists. 

We would like the City of Greensboro to immediately post a traffic officer at the intersection of Golden Gate/Church and Alma Pinnix to assist pedestrian and vehicle traffic. 

We are asking the City of Greensboro prioritize the safety of all drivers and pedestrians at Page High School.