Remove Ken Hinkley as the coach of PAFC

Remove Ken Hinkley as the coach of PAFC

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It's now gone on too long. Ken has had 7 years to improve the PAFC in to a regular finalist and the club is looking no closer than it was 3 years ago. It looks worse in areas.

Ken seemingly has no gage on where the team is at and what is required to win games. Things like maintaining a structure is a classic example, despite the obvious needs of the team and feedback from both supporters and the wider football community.

So many PAFC fans are over the favouritism of a certain group of players, poor tactics, low player workrate particularly at the start of games as well as the seemingly illogical in game decisions that have all become hallmarks of the Ken Hinkley tenure.

There is also the feeling that Ken doesn't feel enough pressure or concern of a need to deliver consistent results. Near enough always seems good enough.

His press conferences lack emotion and are full of excuses.

His body language after poor losses perceives that of a man who is not bothered by the result (see smiling and enjoying himself after being flogged by the Hawks in round 10 as an example).

He constantly promotes the club as wanting to be like other clubs, instead of promoting his desire for the PAFC be better than the other clubs.

He constantly talks about the competition being "so tough" which seemingly creates a sub conscious of low confidence amongst the players. 

He has a clear issue with developing key forwards and appears to not give them a fair crack at it, whilst smaller lesser impact players are given game after game without being dropped after poor performances.

The showdown record.

Co captains...... Need I say more??

Ken has been given more than any other PAFC coach and has not delivered. 

It's time for a change. So many PA fans no longer enjoy going to the footy. I know I don't.

Yes, Ken came to the club late 2012 and improved PA instantly. We thank him for that.

We cannot continue to live off of that event though, he has had more than enough time to deliver since then and has been given so much.

His arrival late 2012 should now be irrelevant in any assessment that is made on Ken's performance since then.

I nearly didn't renew my membership last year and have some regrets now that I ultimately did. I want to enjoy and have faith in PA again, many members and supporters feel the exact same. 

I fear for the long term future of the club if a change doesn't happen soon. 

Membership is down and it will continue to drop, with next year looming as cliff like. 

The club had the chance to part ways with Ken at the end of 2017 but did not take it.

Re signing Ken feels like  a massive mistake and it's time to fix it before disaster strikes.

Koch, KT and the PAFC board, open you eyes. Make the call. Otherwise you will go down with him in due time.



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At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!