Make PadMate refund everyone affected by their fraud

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A few months ago, PadMate started an IndieGoGo's campaign, presenting their latest earbuds, the Pamu Slide / Pamu Slide +, that most of us bought due to it's slogan, which says "NEVER FALL OUT", but not just that, the whole campaign was made around that idea, they even remarked the fact of we would never have any problem, due to they include 6 pairs of eartips.
They even placed a GIF in the "Story" section (where they tell us the story of the campaign) of someone with a hat, shaking his head, while wearing the earbuds.

The surprise came when, just in the first day of use, a lot of customers (me included), noticed that the slogan was just marketing, and that even if they included 20 more pairs of eartips, the ending result would be exactly the same, one or both earbuds will end on the floor. And remember about the GIF? Well, after looking carefully, we find out that the hat he was wearing, covered part of the earbuds, so OBVIOUSLY, they would never fall out.

The time passed, and when any of the customers reported this problem (or others, that I'll mention later) on IndieGoGo's comments' section, the only reply we received was "please send us an email to X address", and here's where the real problems start.

First of all, we made a purchase through IndieGoGo, why is so necessary to go out of the platform?

We contacted them via email, but the replies we receive provokes us everything except the feel of being helped. After explaining the problem of the falling earbud(s), the first thing they say is "the problem are the eartips, buy new ones from a 3rd party", and this could be a solution, except for the little detail of the eartips used on these earbuds are oval-shaped, when the standard are circle-shaped, so, they are not only difficult to find on many regions, but we would be making purchases without knowing if they will fix this too. But anyway, how could you sell something, claiming that the customers would NEVER have X problem, and when they have that X problem, you send them to buy a 3rd party replacement?

After explaining this, they tell us to pay for a new pair of earbuds, because I didn't mentioned it before, but those several fall outs, provokes cracks on the earbuds, and even broken pieces, but they justify this saying that we had an "IMPROPER USE". Could anyone explain me where is the improper use here? Maybe at the moment we tried to use the earbuds? To be honest, their answer sounds more ridiculous every time I repeat it.

So, after all this story, the conclusion we all reached was that their Customer Service is anything except a place where the customer can ask for help, leaving us with 2 options:

1. Send emails everyday, hoping to convince them to think on the customer

2. Go back to IndieGoGo's commentaries' section and repeat once again all the problems we were having.

Because the earbud(s) falling is not the only problem, we've reported several times that there are charging problems (knowing their Customer Service, surely due to another improper use), and even software problems (going from an unbalanced volume between the earbuds, to connection problems). And if this weren't enough, they ask us for proofs (images/videos), but even when we sent them, there were several reports of buyers saying that the Customer Service though that they were lying and decided to not help them...

Lies, empty promises, deficient Customer Service, lack of help, broken / not charging / not working earbuds due to external problems, etc...

I think those are enough reasons to demand you whether a refund or a replacement, because, PadMate, like it or not, you promised us a 1-year warranty, and all these problems must be covered by it.