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PADI. Replace Cheryl Gilmore or have her examined.

Cheryl Gilmore is either very disturbed or a cynical, hateful person. Ms. Gilmore has made very poor decisions in her work for the last 6 months.

It boils down to this. My customers are my customers and I am PADI's customer. Sometimes folks that work in the PADI bureaucracy forget their place in the pecking order

Cheryl Gilmore clearly shows bias, prejudice and obvious tampering with the facts. Ms. Gilmore should be examined and required to seek treatment.

Please sign this. Thanks, Capt. John Russell



This petition was delivered to:
  • PADI Regional Manager Gulf Coast/Mid Atlantic
    Jon Coon
  • PADI Course Director
    Keith Matson
  • PADI Supervisor of Cheryl Gilmore
    Linda VanVelsan

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