Deaf Community vs PAD changes.

Deaf Community vs PAD changes.

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Kat Mccollum started this petition to PAD Board members and

September 11, 2018

To the board members of PAD-

It has come to our attention, we the deaf community want a change.  It time for new ideas in order to have senior citizens and the youth of today to work together in harmony.  The youth of today need guidance for future.  

We the people also support Paul Crump as Current Pad President, due to his effort to make changes, and bringing the deaf community together. He has been trying to make small changes to improve PAD events despite the obstacles he has been blocked by boards’ decisions.  

Members and Non-members have shown an interest into being a part of Pad. Both members and non-members have also monitored Paul Crump activities and interest to be part of Pad.  It will also create more people to be willing to join to be a member as possible. 

We have been asking for a change.  Due to circumstances,  non-senior citizens that was available to be president and try coordinate ideas to corporate a better future for PAD, has been met with frustrations, limitations and no  clear explanation of reasons stated, in past and current situation. 

We can share the building. There is many opportunity in improving the money situation and better use of the building.  Youth and senior citizens can work out a schedule.  

 If you look to other deaf clubs success in other states, we can look to them in guidance to improve revenues.  Resisting ideas to help for the future does more harm than good.  

 Wedding venues.  Allow use of building for weddings or private parties will benefit income to PAD club. Opening PAD building for the summer will also help generate revenues. Applying and using 501c3 non-profit organization  will benefit in tax costs and can apply for grants to help keep building open.  Applying for Alcohol License for extra revenues, wedding uses, and having a contract with cleaning deposits and appointing 1 or 2 person to supervise, check building and making sure everyone follow the rules.  

 If the youth is being push away, how will they benefit for future to keeping PAD open? How can you Senior Citizens, leave a legacy of Pad for deaf community to future generations? We suggest in having a fair mix of youth and Senior Citzen on the board to receive a better balance and agreement to future ideas and events.  

 We the deaf community, especially the youth would like to contribute and be involved to make Pad great again. 

 Thank you. 

The Deaf Community and future generations. 







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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!