Fair Pay for Support Artists - SAs Against The Pact/Equity rates

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The Pact/Equity Agreement has not changed in over 10 years

The basic rate is £67.79 for 10 hours (including an unpaid lunch hour.)

Holiday credit of £7.30 is payable on top of this, which brings the total to £75.09.

This means the true  rate  = is £7.53ph

National Minimum Wage is currently £8.21.

The average agency fee is between 15% & 20% and in some cases 4% vat is added. 15% commission on £75.09 leaves the Supporting Artist with a daily rate of £63.83 – including holiday credit. A 20% commission leaves Supporting Artists with a daily rate of £60.07 for 10hrs

When we reach the tax bracket we pay tax on top of that. thats only fair as we all have to pay our way ! 

Almost all productions use agencies and there is often considerable travel involved to film locations.

At present the Pact/Equity Agreement is causing widespread confusion throughout the industry. The full agreement has not been widely circulated and productions are unclear as to what their obligations are. High end dramas shooting out with the London zone are using the rate card because it is nominally approved by Pact/Equity, while other productions choose to create independent “deals”. In some cases these deal rates are actually higher than those given by Pact/Equity, but due to lack of formal agreements they can be inconsistently implemented.

What we want:

(1) A fair rate card.

(2) A sensible and fair approach to travel payments – especially for remote locations and unsociable hours.

(3) “Deals” to be protected with a minimum day rate (and an appropriate minimum hourly rate thereafter.)

(4) Pact/Equity to make information more accessible. Rate cards and agreements must be easily available online and should be actively distributed to production companies and assistant directors,

(5) Pact/Equity to engage in conversations with agencies and have a rating system in place so that all SAs and production companies can see who is working in the best interest of the people they represent.

The current climate is creating an “us and them” atmosphere. If productions are enforcing an unfair rate card because they have been directed to do so by Pact/Equity, then Pact/Equity must be held accountable. The rate card must be updated as a matter of urgency.

Stand up and demand a fair deal!