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Since taking a knee during the entire 2016 NFL season, Colin Kaepernick has been viciously maligned, in both indirect and overt racist terms, for being a Black athlete and expressing his First Amendment rights as a United States citizen.  A friend of Kaepernick, a veteran, suggested taking a knee as it is a respectable way for soldiers to honor their fallen comrades; Kaepernick embraced this as a way of honoring the fallen victims of police brutality and racism in the United States.  However, the conservative, reactionary ownership of the NFL did not appreciate him speaking his mind, and after labeling his protest as "disrespectful" of the flag and the nation, essentially fired Colin Kaepernick.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending injury on October 15, effectively dashing the hopes of the team and their fans for the remainder of the 2017 season.  This presents the Green Bay Packers with both a unique need and an opportunity.

Signing Colin Kaepernick to the Green Bay Packers would allow the Milwaukee-native quarterback not only a chance to save the Packers' season in a triumphant return to his home state; but much more importantly, it would afford him the second chance he deserves, and demonstrate unequivocally that the Green Bay Packers - the only sports team collectively owned by the fans in the entire realm of professional sports in the United States - recognize not only Kaepernick's right as an American citizen to protest peacefully, and that no individual, in any profession, should be deprived of her or his livelihood for exercising First Amendment rights; but also that they support the protest by Kaepernick and other NFL players against police brutality, racism, and victimization of Black, brown, and Hispanic people in the United States.

Therefore, we urge Packers General Manager Ted Thompson to sign Colin Kaepernick to the Green Bay Packers for the remainder of the 2017 season.  That such an action may save the Packers' season is of secondary concern.  Of far greater importance is the message such an action would convey: that the people of Wisconsin and the fans of Packer nation support Colin Kaepernick, and professional athletes around the country, in the struggle for a more just nation; that the Packers recognize that Kaepernick's protest against injustice is their common cause; and that principled stands against racism and injustice should never cost someone his livelihood.

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