Enforce the ban of oversized vehicles on Oceana Boulevard in Pacifica

Enforce the ban of oversized vehicles on Oceana Boulevard in Pacifica

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Lailey Oliva started this petition to Pacifica City Council

Petition: Pacifica City Council to Enforce the Ban of Oversized Vehicles on Oceana Blvd

Petition to: Pacifica City Council

Petition from: Members of the Connemara Homeowners’ Assn

Re: Upcoming July 15, 2020 Meeting and Vote of the Pacifica City Council to Expand List of Streets Where RVs are Banned

We first would like to applaud the city council for adopting its January 27, 2020 ordinance (855-C.S.) relating to oversized and recreational vehicles (“RVs”).  We believe that this was a step in the right direction, though we are concerned that the city has not enforced the ordinance after enacting it.  Likely, this was due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 crisis, but unfortunately, the situation has only worsened since then.  We urge the city council to begin enforcing its prior ordinance immediately, by installing signs advising of the ban in appropriate areas, among other ways.  The overnight parking of vehicles over eight feet tall has and, if allowed to persist, would continue to greatly harm our community,

Therefore, we, the undersigned members of the Connemara HOA, petition Pacifica City Council as follows: to enforce the ban of oversized vehicles of Oceana Blvd as stated in City Ordinance 855-C.S.

We make this request in order to halt the extreme negative impact on safety, social, and sanitary conditions.  We have first hand knowledge of and experience with the negative impacts from RV parking: 

-      Sidewalk Accessibility: The presence of the large vehicles encroaches on the east sidewalk of Oceana Blvd.  Walking, jogging, and biking has become extremely difficult in this area and has forced many of us to avoid this stretch of sidewalk altogether or has, unfortunately, forced us to cross a heavy-traffic and often high-speed portion of Oceana Blvd (i.e., crossing is in itself a danger) to use the unpaved portion of the west side of the road.

There are three schools on Oceana Blvd from Paloma Ave to the Manor District.  This, alone, should be reason enough to include Oceana Blvd in the ban and enforce the ordinance, as children should not have to navigate this area attempting to get to and from school.

-      Sanitation Concerns:  We’ve had to call the police on several occasions to report human excrement leaking from RVs on Oceana Blvd.  The area smells of urine as you walk by.  Used feminine hygiene products have been left on the sidewalk. In addition, trash of all kinds, including large cardboard boxes and even seats from vehicles, are a regular sight on the street, sidewalk and shrub areas surrounding these vehicles.

-      Driving and Cycling Dangers: Visibility while driving and cycling has been impeded by the presence of these vehicles.  The line of sight driving northbound is dangerously limited.  In addition, buses have to navigate around these large vehicles due to the space they occupy in the street.  We’ve witnessed a northbound bus narrowly avoid a collision with a southbound car for this reason.  Northbound biking has also become more dangerous as cyclists cannot easily be seen when rounding the curve of Oceana near Connemara Drive.

Our HOA rules prohibit short-term rentals to protect our neighborhood safety and security from negative impacts of transient residents.  Vehicular-housed people just a few hundred feet away from our properties cause the same negative impacts  Needless to say, our property values are also affected by their presence.

As homelessness is a problem not easily addressed, we agree that compassion and real solutions (funded by the state and county) are absolutely needed. However, the residents of the Connemara neighborhood and the rest of Pacifica should not be forced to endure the overuse, misuse and deterioration of our public streets and disruption of our ways of life. Allowing RVs to park on Oceana Boulevard is a short-term “fix” but a long-term disaster for our community.

We urge the Pacifica City Council to act immediately to apply the RV ban to Oceana Boulevard.



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