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Oppose sale and relocation of a Pacific Coast League team to El Paso, TX

Opposing the sale and relocation of a Pacific Coast League team to El Paso is important because the El Paso City Council subverted the democratic process in the approval of the new downtown stadium. 1. It disrespects a local Native American tribe by stipulating that they cannot compete with the prospective buyers, 2. Involves demolishing City Hall to build a stadium in its place, 3. Does not let voters decide on a Quality of Life issue, 4. Contains extreme conflicts of interests with one of the proposes team buyers as the City Manager proposes moving city services to buildings owned by that same buyer, 5. Leaves taxpayers with the bill of relocating city services from city hall including rehabilitating buildings and rent, 6.Does not promote competition, 7. Promotes a closed city government with no sunshine as city representatives had a confidential meeting with the proposes buyers, 8. Decentralizes city services by eliminating our current city hall. 9. Demolishes and eliminates the city's only science museum, 10. Implements the highest Hotel Occupancy Tax in Texas, among other reasons.

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