Change online class grades to "pass or fail"

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As a member of the senior class of 2020 for Pace University, I am deeply saddened by the closure of my school and the change from in-person classes to online lectures. It is a very large adjustment, especially with the fact that I no longer am able to see and communicate with the people I've met over the past four years that have become family to me. Being on the e-board of multiple extra-curricular events had brought me closer to the tight-knit family that I consider my Pace University Student Body.

No longer having and seeing classmates and peers that have supported the Pace community, and allowing us to collaborate and work together on class projects and study for exams, will place a large burden on the learning process, especially for those who do need to ask questions while in class. Personally I do believe, that it is unfair to the student body as a whole, between all three campuses, to have to adapt to a situation like this halfway through the semester after the learning curve has already been picked up for the classes that we have registered for the semester, and also for upperclassmen who are so used to the routine of attending classes and learning though direct guidance from professors and getting the help they would need from Teaching Assistants and the Center for Community Learning.

To make up for the actions taken by this university, along with those across the nation, I do believe that it would be much less stressful for the student body as a whole if letter grades for this semester be made out to "pass or fail" for the reasons stated above and the key points made below:

- Attention is not at the same caliber at home or remote location as in the classroom

- Stress is high, as moving so quickly and having to make such drastic decisions as leaving Greater New York City area or possibly the country

-Not everybody has the internet access or supporting technology to be able to participate in a timely manner with the course load and class scheduled time

       - One thing to note with the key point made above is that some students would                         also not be able to access a computer at a local public library due to public closures of businesses in their neighborhoods

Lastly, I do hope the Pace University Community takes this message as one for us, as the community that makes this university great. Thank you for your participation.