Pace University Petition - COVID-19 Pandemic

Pace University Petition - COVID-19 Pandemic

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Pace Student Body started this petition to Pace University Administration and

Dear Pace University Administration,


As the United States finds itself in uncertain times amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we, the students of Pace University, are facing many uncertainties ourselves, and would like to do our best to be proactive and bring these concerns to the university. These requests that have recently been composed will include, but are not limited to, partial refunding/crediting student fees that are no longer being utilized, increased discount for summer courses, and discounts for fall courses should classes move online. All of the aforementioned will be addressed in this petition.

We understand that these are hard times, and in no way could the university have predicted these turn of events. We acknowledge the hard work put in thus far. However, as the student body, we believe it is our job to look out for each other and get funds returned, or put towards the fall semester. (We are already aware of the proposed Cares Act which may be distributed to students at an unknown point in time)


Partial Refund or Credit for Fees: 

Now that university courses have been moved online, many of the fees that students are charged per semester are not being utilized. Thus, our money isn’t being allocated the way in which we thought it would be. We are proposing that we either receive a partial refund, or credit towards the fall semester for the fees listed below. 


Technology Fee : $105

General Fee : $435

Health Care Center Fee: $75

Activity Fee: $101 

Printing Fee: $30 

Special Course Fee : Varies 

Meal Plan Fee: Varies 




General Fee: At this time, students can not find information as to where this fee is allocated. If this information can be provided, that would be beneficial.


Health Care Fee: Students are not receiving access to the health care facilities at Pace due to the university being closed. 

Activity Fee : Though some clubs are holding online ZOOM meetings, this does not fully replace the in person meetings that would include catering, opportunities to go on trips within the club, activities on campus, etc. 

Printing Fee :  Students no longer have access to the printers at Pace and therefore have money lying dormant in their accounts that is not being utilized. 

Special Course Fee : Courses vary, but students are not receiving the same education at present that would explain a special course fee. 

Meal Plan : Due to the rollover nature of the meal plan that is already in place, students do not feel that it would be fair to require the purchase of an entire new meal plan next semester given there will be so much rollover from the current one. 



Summer Course Discount :


Given the circumstances, many students can barely afford to make ends meet. Many of us have full or part time jobs which can not be done over the computer, so we have been let go, meaning, we have no income. That being said, to expect students to pay $750 per credit hour to continue their education this summer ($2,250 per class), is shocking. We were ecstatic to learn of the discount, however, we were expecting more assistance with our want to continue our education. To say that we were disappointed with this announcement would be an understatement. 

We are proposing that online courses be reduced to a fee of $600 per credit at most, and that students be offered a payment plan opportunity. At the moment, if a student would like to enroll in a “summer 1” course, their funds are expected in full on May 1st or are to be paid over an 8 week period every Friday, beginning April 24th (only a few days from now at the time of composing this petition) To expect students to be able to find these funds at the moment is, again, shocking. We are asking for a payment plan that spans from May1st-August 15th. We understand that the university would rather have the money upfront, however, we would rather not deplete all of our existing funds during this pandemic. 


Secondly, although it is unknown at the moment, we are asking that should classes be moved online for the fall semester, that students receive a 25% discount on classes, as the entire pedagogy of the course will have changed. 

⁃ Students did not enroll to be taught via Zoom and are no longer receiving the hands on learning experience they paid for. 

⁃ Students on average, do not have income anymore to pay for said classes due to this crisis. 

⁃ Students no longer have access to certain facilities that help students excel in university courses. 


In Conclusion :


With all due respect, & without sounding ungrateful or confrontational, (because we are extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to receive an education in the first place) we ask, how can we be expected to pay these fees given the circumstance and sudden change to our education as a whole? 

We acknowledge that none of us have ever stepped into the shoes of the administration and by no means are we knowledgeable on how to run a university. We are simply asking that our unique situations be taken into consideration given the unique circumstances we find ourselves enduring.  We, as a university, are all feeling the effects of this pandemic and need your help to assuage these effects.   


Students are watching their loved ones DIE. Students are confused. Students are tired. Students are stressed. Students don’t know how they’re going to pay rent. Students don’t know how they’re going to go grocery shopping. Students don’t know if they will be infected by someone with this virus. Students are learning virtually and for many that comes as an extreme hardship.


We ask that all the aforementioned be taken into consideration to hopefully alleviate the current stress students are under during this difficult time. We also hope that the decision to give discounts for the summer and the fall will be taken seriously. 


We wish you safe and healthy weeks ahead and look forward to your response. 


The Pace University Class of  '20,‘21,’22,& ‘23.



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