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A.G. Schneiderman to have a Grand Jury investigation

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Google "Margaret Depass" to see YouTube story showing the Corruption Document and excerpts of video of domestic violence I and my son Joshua suffered from Mark Padin my ex-husband. Since Mark worked at PACE Law School whose Principal, Sondra Miller is partners and cronies with Mark's divorce attorneys, they promised Mark he would win our divorce because our divorce judge, Andrew O’Rourke was their subordinate. I found Mark’s hand-written note with these promises, which I call the Corruption Document and publicized it because they had unjustly taken away Joshua. Mark beat me and had these cronies put me in jail to discredit me and to hide their names from being exposed. I've not seen Joshua now over 3 years, they have hidden him from me. This is happening to thousands of children in White Plains and Putnam County in New York through PACE Law School ‘s principals who are cronies with the law firm of McCarthy Finger (Dolores Gebhardt and Kathleen Donelli), which is also in White Plains, New York. They take away children from their good parents and give them to the bad parents or those that have high connections and charge the good parents for no reason to have supervised visitation. The money from the supervised visitation is used as kickbacks to the judges, lawyers etc.
Mark admitted to the Corruption Document at my 2-week criminal trial and yet nothing has been done. When Mark beat me up, Joshua tried to run to me and Mark intercepted and threw Joshua across the kitchen floor in the opposite direction to prevent him from getting to me yet Mark has not been charged with anything; and even though it is he said/she said, Mark’s word has been taken as evidence, yet my videos providing what had been happening has been ignored and I have been charged with child abuse even thought there is no evidence against me. Mark stated he didn’t know I was in New York and that I came into the house without his knowledge, yet I had gone with him and Joshua the day before to Joshua’s pediatrician appointment, which the medical records states “Joshua is here today with his Mother and Father…” I had access to a relative’s inheritance as power of attorney and O’Rourke and Gebhardt ordered that if I did not give them the bank information to charge child support they would put me in jail. If I gave them, then they would let me see Joshua – they where trying to extort funds from me that were not mine, using my son as bait. I put my relative on Medicaid and turned over ALL her funds to Medicaid which made this corrupt group even more angry as they could not go to Uncle Sam and deviously sign orders to withdraw funds from my relative’s account. This is being done to several thousands of children in New York, I have spoken to several mothers and fathers and this has to be stopped. WE MUST STOP PACE LAW SCHOOL AND THEIR CRONIES!!!

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