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Pace High School Dress Code: Make a change.

We all know how hard these rules are to follow. And we all know we'd be more willing to confine to the school boards behalf if they lightened up a little and allowed us to be ourselves. We want for the school board to realize that they are taking away our rights as a human being. They tell us to express ourselves, and not succumb to peer pressure, while they enforce rules that dont even matter to the school. Most teacher have no problem with piercings, hair color, tattoos, etc. I see no reason why the school board should either. As students we work our butts off in school to make something of ourselves in life, and all we ask for in return is to express ourselves. They want our respect, but take away our rights as a human. We have to conform to everything. But people are finally speaking out. Tell us why you want these rules changed. We need to get this to the school board leaders.

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