Making a Change Against Fracking

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Michael Lopez
2 years ago
How on Earth has our country fallen? To allow such atrocities to happen as our children cling to our legs hoping for ANY kind of a future.
100 years from now, our children, will look back with disgust at our era....
With tears welting in their eyes... because their dad supported/hunted/killed off a dying breed...
Our grandchildren will only know what a whale or polar bear is, from a color book!!!
How is it, we've gone 1000s of years....
And our generation is the one to be the fallout.
We are grown adults paying for our consequences for the past 100 years. We finally see and KNOW what we are doing.
Scientists could literally send an EMERGENCY BROADCAST out; and the government wouldn't do a damn thing until we finally stand up for the generations to come.
We have established NEW ENERGY SOURCES.
Scientists have shouted from the top of their lungs what the right course of action is....
To keep humanity going.
To ensure our children's children have a chance at half the life we have had..

This world is going to hell in a basket....
Our government is no longer keeping our interests in heart.
We are standing up.
We SEE now.

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June Thomas
2 years ago
There is nothing good about Fracking!!!!!

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Timothy Barr
3 years ago
The success of fracking has just driven more nails into the coffin of a dying Earth. All those who use it and continue to contribute to the delay of society "going green" with RE will burn in hell for eternity.