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Pa supreme court's decision in the Muniz case has allowed predator to not have to register

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The Muniz case is one example of some of the problems that plague our justice system. PA SUPREME COURT says it's unconstitutional to retro back any sexual abuse crimes before the new Megan's law of 2012 which requirements are stricter to the predator. What about the constitutional rights of these victims and families? Have we not suffered enough? Now you want to victimize the victims again. The disturbing fact is this predator is free to have unrestricted access to little children again if he chose to. And the community has no idea that there is a predator in their area. We must overturn this decision and stop siding with the predators here and let our children be protected by the laws of the land. These types of crimes against children should never have any limitations on them. I don't understand how this predator got away with 2 years probation. As a mom of one of the victims, I'm deeply saddened and disgusted by the lack of laws to protect our innocent children. My concerns and fears should be yours as well if this is allowed to stand. Let' get this petition out onto social network again please read and sign and share. 

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