Recall PA Governor Tom Wolf

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PA State Governor Tom Wolf has used the threat of the COVID-19 virus to enact Emergency Powers in order to effectively usurp both the Federal and PA State Constitutions, as well as deny the Citizens of Pennsylvania the basic common Rights deemed "unalienable" by our founding fathers. These include the Freedom of Assembly, Commerce, Travel, Unwarranted Search and Seizure,  to earn a wage.

These measures are in violation of:

  1. US Constitution, Amendment 1 and 14
  2. PA Constitution, Article 1 Section 1, 2, 3, 8, 12
  3. PA Code 7301

While many of us were expecting an end to these draconian measures being taken in the very near future, it seems as if Tom Wolf has no plan to do what is best for the Citizens of Pennsylvania. Instead he has helped create- and will now sit as a member on- an un-elected "Multi-State Counsel" including the Governors of New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island to decide if and when us free people should be allowed to resume our rights and freedom from an oppressive, tyrannical government.

It seems as if Tom Wolf has lost track of the unemployment website and phone lines not working, the millions that have filed for unemployment, the small businesses about to close their doors and struggling with debt, and the tipped employee that is unable to pay their bills. 

We common Citizens are tired of the overreaching and tyranny of Governor Tom Wolf. He is treating the common man as a subject, rather than a Citizen with unalienable rights. We demand our small businesses be opened, our Citizens put back to work, our freedom to travel, to earn a wage, our livelihood, and control of our lives be returned to the common man, the Citizen of Pennsylvania.

I am tired of the inept leadership and the fumbling away of our rights. We can put PA back to work, and save lives at the same time.

Lets Recall Governor Tom Wolf's Emergency Declaration- and get PA back to Work!