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The Pennsylvania Game Commission has single handedly ruining hunting for it's state.  The organization is way to top heavy and is known for it's abuse of power.  They use entrapment techniques to fund their organization.  1.)  We had counties for doe tags for years they switched it to wild life management areas so nobody knows if they are Legally harvesting a deer or not anymore.  2.) We always had doe season last few days of season, now they move it all around, so you have no idea when doe season is.  3.). Buck season was always spike of 3" or more, now some wmus are 3 point restrictions, some are 4 point.  Who knows anymore?  4.) They charge you $27 for a pheasant stamp and stock 300,000 less pheasants, how criminal can an organization get?  5.) Now there is no second season for grouse, but you didn't see the price of a license go down did you?  6.) Here is the icing on the cake for further entrapment and corporate greed.  I bought 6 hunting licenses last year and never got a hunting manual, never got a paper on rules changes, bag limits, flourescent orange requirements or anything.  After getting priced gouged for licenses they now charge you $6 + shipping to get one from the game Commission.  Nobody in their right mind is gonna waste anymore money on this nazi organization.  The are fine happy, they are abusing their powers to justify their salaries and they need stopped.  You want to hear a good story.  I was going for a ride on backs roads, I came across some game lands, I got out of my car long enough to try to get the game lands number to do research on the area.  I was not hunting, no rifle, no weapon, I was outside the gate by 75 yards and these officers (Crago) blessed me with a fine for not wearing orange to go check out a game lands sign.  That is pathetic and criminal.  I served my country during desert shield and deset storm without wearing any orange, but got fined on my own soil for checking out a sign less than 20 yards from my car.  This is the type of communism abuse of power that has to be stopped and dealt with.  We don't need both a game and fish Commission.  Two organizations, two CEOs, to sets of corporate offices, two sets vehicle expenses, two sets of wasted tax payers money.  People if this country can undermine our kids education and combine our schools, we can surely combine these organizations to save your hard earned tax payers money.  Support me in my cause you put the PA Game Commission in it's place.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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