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No Justice for Teen Victims of Sexting

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My daughter was a victim of sexting. She loaned her phone to a friend, who wanted to check her Snapchat account. The friend had a new message which unknowingly contained a picture of her ex-boyfriend's penis. The picture was sent by the boy's current girlfriend. (A lot of teen drama of which my daughter was not a participant.) The state police confiscated all phones suspected of being involved with the transmission and receipt of the picture. According to the state trooper, Pa.C.S. § 6321 Transmission of sexually explicit images by minor states that confiscated phones will never be returned to the owners. This means that my daughter, who was an innocent bystander, will not just lose her phone, but lose all personal data stored on the phone INCLUDING all of her photos (none of which pertain to this incident). My daughter is the president of a student-run organization. Her phone contained many pictures of the organization's members and their accomplishments. It is horribly unjust for my daughter and the organization to suffer this loss. The law needs to be amended to provide remediation for unsuspecting victims of sexting. As it is currently written, the law discourages our youth from coming forward about sexting. This is not the intent of the law; therefore, it needs to be amended. I want my daughter to get her pictures back. The state should transfer her personal photos from the phone onto a thumb drive and return them to her. I am willing to provide the thumb drive. I have written our PA State Representative, Kristin Phillips-Hill, to help us make this law work for all involved parties. Please help us be heard by signing this petition. If the law is amended, it may provide justice for my daughter, but it will definitely provide justice for future unsuspecting teen victims.

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