Ask Governor Tom Wolf to support improved cycling safety infrastructure on PA Route 51!

Ask Governor Tom Wolf to support improved cycling safety infrastructure on PA Route 51!

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Vincent Troia
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Dear Governor Wolf,

On August 6, 2015, Beaver County resident Art Bell was killed by a motorist on PA Bike Route A while commuting to his workplace on his bicycle.

Arthur Bell is the third fatality in the last 25 months along the Ohio River Trail corridor of PA Bike PA Route A.  The community is joined together to honor the memory of Arthur Bell, 54 (May 4, 1961 - August 6, 2015), Taylor Banks, 23 (March 24, 1991 - October 31, 2014), and Emily Jancart, 17 (September 7, 1995 - July 21, 2013).

The Ohio River Trail Council hosted a Memorial Bike Ride and Ghost Bike Dedication for Arthur Bell on Saturday, September 12, 2015. Family, friends, fellow cyclists, community leaders, and the media participated in the ceremony.

A white painted "Ghost Bike" was placed at the collision site as a dignified and somber monument to the victim.  The bike serves as a reminder of the avoidable tragedy that occurred on an otherwise anonymous road while conveying a quiet statement in support of cyclists’ right to safe travel.

The Ohio River Trail Council seeks compassion and support to initiate a change in culture that fosters mutual respect among all people who share the road.  The roadway design and speeds of PA Route 51 are not compatible with a State Bike Route A designation, with speeds often in excess of 65 mph and limited shoulders.

We are respectfully requesting the Pennsylvania Pedalcycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee to expeditiously implement safety improvements along Bike PA Route A from Coraopolis to Monaca, Pa. including but not limited to enforcing speed limits, installation of additional share the road signage, markings, and sharrows.

In addition, the ORTC respectfully requests the prioritization and funding of the Ohio River Trail Project through PennDOT and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  The Ohio River Trail parallels this hazardous area of Bike PA Route A and results in a safer and alternate bikeway.  The Ohio River Trail initiative was established in 2009 and progresses at a glacial pace while we incur a cyclist death every eight months.

Please join us to improve cycling infrastructure along the Ohio River corridor.  If you require additional information, please visit


Dr. Vincent Troia, President & CEO

Ohio River Trail Council