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“No reputable mainstream mental health association considers being gay, lesbian or bisexual a disease or mental illness. Yet, that is exactly the premise behind this kind of therapy – a wrong assumption that homosexuality is a mental disorder that can be ‘corrected,’” Josephs said.
“As homosexuality is not a disorder, so attempts to ‘convert’ the sexual orientation of anyone, particularly a minor, threatens the individual’s short- and long-term health and well-being.”
“The very concept of ‘correcting’ homosexuality is dehumanizing and contrary to conventional societal norms. The fact that minors are forcefully subjected to this therapy that is not based in any scientific fact is unacceptable. Pennsylvania’s children deserve better,” Babette Josephs said.

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Ban "Ex-Gay" therapy in PA:

Thank you for standing with us in opposition to conversion or reparative therapy. Although we are fighting to ban the practice outright, we are most opposed to the use of such therapy on minors who cannot escape their parents control. Sexual identity is an innate part of our humanity and should not and cannot be changed. No reputable medical, psychiatric or psychological organization affirms the belief that sexual orientation or identity can be changed. Your support of this cause is helpful in pushing Pennsylvania from allowing this practice,

David E. Moore
Marriage Equality for Pennsylvania, Founder

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