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Make Sergeant's Flea Medicine recall their product.

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To Whom It May Concern,

                I am writing this letter seeking your help.  My name is Carissa Chambers.  I have 3 cats and 2 dogs.  I have a family of 6.  Three boys and a daughter.  My family has gotten into a little financial trouble.  All of my animals had fleas.  So I did the best I could to help my animals out.  I went to the local store.  I picked up some sergents flea medication.  I put it on the medicine on the 2 dogs and the 2 cats inside.

 Within 4 hours my kitten started to have seizures.  She was only 6 months.  The seizures got worse throughout the night.  Within 12 hours of the medication my kitten was dead.  I didn’t think anything of it at first.

Until my dogs started to get sick.  My dogs began to throw up blood.  Within 3 hours my dogs were throwing up more than they were taking in.  I called the vet.  I told the vet that the only thing that had changed was the flea medication.  When I told the vet the brand, their response was “get them in now”. 

The vet took some blood from my beloved dogs.  The dogs white blood cells are high.  They have a G.I. infection.  They currently have antibiotics and iv running through them.  The vet gave the dogs a bath to get the flea medicine off of them.  Right now, the vet cannot not do anything more besides treat the symptoms.  The last I talked to the vet only one of my dogs is coming around.  The other is still getting sick and lethargic.  The vet will be keeping the dogs until Monday.

After doing much crying and worrying I decided to look up the company and reviews.  This is a website of one of many different horrible reviews about sergents flea medication.  Whether it be the collars, shampoo, or drops.  Many people are reporting the same thing.  Their animals are dying from this.  Most seeked medical help and the animal still died within 3 days.  I pray that this does not happens to my dogs. 

People have tried seeking the company and telling the company what has happened.  People have tried speaking to the dollar general company to remove the item from the shelves.  As you can tell it is still being sold.  That is over 600 animals dying.  Over 600 families losing a member. 

My children already lost one animal today.  With the fear of losing 2 more.  They are not just dogs and cats.  These animals are family members too.  Please look into this.  Help spread the word.  Help get the company to take responsibility for their product.  Help make them do a recall and fix what is killing the animals.  I beg of you.  Help spread the word before it’s to late for another family. 

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