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Petitioning Governor of PA Tom Corbett and 1 other

Order an independent investigation into the events described.

If we don't demand accountability from our leaders, how can we demand it of one another?

Letter to
Governor of PA Tom Corbett
PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane
I repsectfully request an external and independent investigation into the mishandling of the following series of events:

In June, 2013, I was verbally assaulted and threatened by the Fire Chief and two firefighters representing the City of Uniontown, PA. [ ]. When no apology or even an acknowledgement of the assault was forthcoming, I posted 2.5 minutes of the video I recorded that day to YouTube. Two television news stations, WTAE and WPXI, both out of Pittsburgh, PA, covered the YouTube video and illicited a promise of an investigation from Mayor Ed Fike. At the same time Mayor Fike was promising an investigation, he was also insisting that I had done something to "provoke" the assault. [ ] , [ ] A story was written for the Tribune Review out of Greensburg, PA. [ ] The reporter, Liz Zemba, was given exclusive access to the first five minutes of the video which clearly shows there was no provocation, and when confronted with that evidence by the reporter, Mayor Ed Fike continued to insist that I "provoked" the Fire Chief. I then posted 7.5 minutes of video, including the five minutes leading up to the assault. [ ] As of June 23rd, Mayor Ed Fike, even with incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, still insists that I provoked this incident. I would link the newspaper article of June 23, but our local paper, the Herald Standard, is a pay-per-view site.
The behavior of the firefighters that day is secondary to the outright slander and obstruction committed by the Mayor, City Council, the Chief of Police, the City Solicitor and the District Attorney. Please encourage an external and independent investigation of this abuse of power. If we don't demand accountability from our leaders, how can we demand it of one another?

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