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Demand Tom Corbett resign

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September 19, 2013 - Philadelphia PA, USA:

Dear Attorney General Kathleen Kane,  

Corbettism, in its prosecutorial facets, has used this technique of the stubbornest, most self-assured psychotics:

With assumptions strung together as though they were facts, and then acting on those gratuitous presumptions and coy misrepresentations  as though they were facts,  Corbettism establishes a chain of cause and effect based almost entirely on opinion and speculation,  in order to knowingly and maliciously prosecute innocent people and deprive people of Constitutional rights which our American heroes have fought and died to protect - thus making light of their sacrifices and trampling on the graves of American heroes.

    Corbettism contaminates the appeal process in courts of law and cuts off the  pardoning process at the pass, with its  extreme infiltration of Government by the back door.

It's pretty difficult for police to feel good about themselves when police officers are drawn into any Government web of deliberate deceit as political pawns, or when police are forced to stand in a phalanx of uniformed officers behind a grandstanding politician at a microphone as a backdrop to a political photo-op.

(And by the way, for any elected or appointed official to use law-enforcement professionals in that manner should be illegal - especially when police have better things to do with their time than to be used as political marionettes, and when such political shenanigans endanger police.  Think about it,  and you will realize I am right.)

Any police officer in Pennsylvania; any ASSOCIATE of a law enforcement officer in Pennsylvania whose conscience is nagging at the lapels about a Corbett- ordered or Corbett-initiated arrest should go straight to the Office of Kathleen Kane, State Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and to the FBI at the same time; and spill the beans - not only because it will make YOU feel better, but because Corbett fascism has made it more dangerous than ever to be a police officer in Pennsylvania.

The lives of police officers are being politically thrown to the wolves of Corbett political machine opportunism and lying.  

Why?  Because the word is out - "do not expect any  fairness or humane treatement from Government in Pennsylvania."  

Think of the dangers this subjects police officers to when the bond of trust between we, the people and those who are in political positions of public trust is so irretrievably broken as it is in this police state called Pennsylvania.

Every police officer who has been wounded or killed in the line of duty in recent years, and every prisoner who has attempted suicide while in State captivity and every family member who has just given up when confronted with the realization that the Constitution in Pennsylvania has been trampled to death  by a dictator named Thomas William Corbett Jr., formulate a totality of people now dead or injured because they know the truth about Corbett fascism or because someone else with whom they came in contact knew these horrible truths - which are truths no matter how much the media tries to pave over or avoid these unmistakable, uncomfortable truths.

Corbett fascism has suspended the Constitution and attempted to make one anti-Constitutional inroad after another since January 2005, just as happened in certain foreshadowings in the mid to late 1990s as a result of the Corbett taint in the Attorney General's office of Pennsylvania.  

One young lady fled Pennsylvania in fear for her life and to protect her young son as a  result of the tamperings inflicted by Corbett on the processes of justice even as early as then.  

NO ONE should have to flee the Cradle of Liberty as though it is a jackbooted dictatorship behind an Iron Curtain of new-pattern fascism which is motivated in its cold heart of hearts by the crude lure of ill-gotten gain and all the hush-hush connections that go along with it.

Corbettism lays special emphasis on prosecution and discrediting of whistleblowers.  That is because Corbett fascism has a lot to hide.   Take away the smokescreen of secrecy from Corbett fascism and its national manifestations which infiltrate the US Justice Department and the US Office of the Pardon Attorney inter alia, and you will see Corbettism and other forms of American 21st century fascism laid bare, including its plants in the media and in the gateways of every aspect of the petitioning process which is the linchpin of our democracy.

I call upon the people and the press in Pennsylvania and worldwide to present these demands to Tom Corbett:

In the first instance, you, Tom Corbett, were appointed State Attorney General of Pennsylvania as a result of  a vacancy created when a man more honest and contrite than you are, traded that office for a prison cell. 

You, Tom Corbett, were confirmed by the State Legislature conditional upon your testimonial to them that you would not subsequently use your foothold in this position of public trust to run for Governor of Pennsylvania.  

However, you did just that, thinking that no one would notice or that everyone would forget your word of honor as conveniently as you have done yourself; with clear intent to perpetrate falsification to authority. 

We, the people of Pennsylvania, call upon you, Tom Corbett to live up to your testimony, to keep your promise, and to resign as Governor of Pennsylvania no later than September 30, 2013.

We also ask that PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane use her good offices

to declare null and void all anti-Constitutional acts of Government

perpetrated under color of authority in Pennsylvnaia since January

2005, and to file motions for expungement and Federal relief

and the right to compensation for all innocent victims of such

unconstitutional acts, including people maliciously prosecuted

in Pennsylvania since January 2005.

Scott Davis Chairman,

Committee of 37 Peace Initiative

PO Box 877 Edgmont, PA  19028-0877


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