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Advocating for a safer Route 81 in Cumberland County, Pa.

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My objective is to make Route 81 safer between Newville and Middlesex exits north and south bound in Cumberland County, Pa. until appropriate improvements are made. After studying the flow of traffic and the high volume of traffic in these areas, I want the maximum speed limit reduced to 45 MPH until appropriate improvements are made. After observing traffic on entrance and exit ramps the speed of 55 MPH is too high which does not allow ample time for vehicles to merge on or off the interstate. The ramps are too short to safely merge onto the interstate with the speed limit at 55 MPH as the majority of the vehicles are going much much faster. Also I want to see all thru traffic including trucks and buses in the left lane only, which will allow a much smoother flow of traffic at lower speeds (45 MPH) on and off the interstate. These means of decreasing accidents, injuries, and death have been successful in other areas as well as in other neighboring states.  Enforcement of the reduced speed limit must be implemented even if it means placing Pa. State Police cars randomly along the interstate, moving them frequently with dummies in them as seen in construction zones and other areas where the speed limit is adjusted for whatever reasons. They do work! Signage installed just before the Newville exits and entrances and Middlesex exits and entrances stating VERY CONGESTED AREA AHEAD REDUCED SPEED LIMIT TO 45 MPH AHEAD. The speed limit can be dropped gradually from 65 to 55 to the proposed maximum speed of 45 MPH. There are way too many people entering and exiting the beautiful county of Cumberland and the only way some leave is in a box. We the signers of this petition are requesting the Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation in Carlisle to implement the changes described above AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

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