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Equality and inclusion for the LGBT community.

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Sex and sexuality, as natural, basic and beautiful as they are, the concepts today are scarred with hypocrisy, biases and discrimination. 

Straight, curvy or twisted, one's sexual orientation is one's own. The social norms, the blacks and the whites might force one to hide how they feel, but cannot change how they feel anyway.

This appeal, therefore, is not merely for the equal treatment and inclusion of the LGBT community in all walks of life, with pride, but at a deeper level, it's an appeal to each one to be true and to allow to be true.

Although, there are many happy and also sad stories we have, that we would have wanted to share, we refrained from personal examples for the fear of hate.

We, therefore, appeal, as a heterogeneous but anonymous community that to love and to be loved are the basic tenets that make us humans.

How does it matter if we love a  man, a woman or both?  Isn't it wonderful enough, that we choose to love...?

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