Install CCTV cameras on passenger decks

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In May 2013 our son Richard Fearnside was travelling home from holiday on a night ferry.  He went on deck for a cigarette and never returned.   We do not know what happened to Richard and we don't know if he fell or jumped or was pushed from the deck.  There can be no inquiry because there is no evidence as there are no CCTV cameras on passenger decks. There are CCTV cameras at the Duty Free shop to protect goods such as perfume and spirits but none on passenger decks to protect people.  We will probably never know what happened to our beloved son but our loss has pointed up how woefully inadequate are the safety measures to prevent loss of life on passenger ferries.  There are many systems available now such as 'man overboard' alarms so the very least we can ask is to have CCTV cameras on deck.  We would like to work towards all ferries having man overboard systems but for the moment we ask that P&O install CCTV cameras on deck. 

Bob & Marianne Fearnside