P​.​M Security enhancements

P​.​M Security enhancements

7 September 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Funda Kocak

The ongoing security issues at P.M are a big concern therefore security measures must be implemented immediatly. It should not take someone getting hurt for something to be done! While increased security may not resolve the issues it will decrease them.

Known issues:
- Constant thefts (cars within the car park and parked on the street, the theft of mail, items within cages, bikes etc.)

Security concerns/suggestions:
1. Lack of cameras (throughout the car park, internally on each level, externally of each building and the car park) 
2. Lack of security guards (at least required at night)
3. Car park system to decline entry of non registered vehicles
4. Car park sectional gates to be active in line with COVID restrictions
5. Exit from the car park to be with a remote only and not automatic
6. Remove fob access from those without a carpark or cage (limit to bike cage only via the door entrances)
7. Emergency doors to outside of the buildings (autoclose or alarm if left open)

All of these measures should be implemented immediately for the safety of our P.M community and for us to FEEL safe.

Please sign if you agree and are also willing to contribute to the cost if required if they are outside of the O.C fees (this should be covered in the O.C and will be pushed).





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Signatures: 43Next goal: 50
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