Law on Population Control -Two Child Policy: Save India from Civil War/ Demographic Threat

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Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi ji,

Population Explosion is one of the major causes of India's economic and other problems. The resources are limited and in spite of the best efforts by the Government, poverty is not getting eliminated. It has been observed today that the poor people have more children than the affluent class. We are likely to beat China in terms of Population by 2020 whereas our economy is one sixth of that of China. As per the 2016 IMF Data China's per capita GDP stands at USD 8,260 while India stands at only USD 1,718. Even if India grows a little faster than China, we shall be getting poorer if the population is not controlled on TOP PRIORITY.

The problem is getting aggravated further with the uneven growth of population in many parts of the country, giving rise to civic upheaval. To add to India's woes there is a constant flow of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Myanmar etc. causing demographic aggression.

This petition is being started to bring to light the urgent need of a strict law on "Population Control - Two Child Policy".

1. Any person giving birth to more than two children should be immediately removed from the list of beneficiaries of all the government's social schemes. No subsidy should be allowed to such people.

2. Voting Rights of the violators should be taken away,

3. A suitable punishment should be given to people of any class or creed who defy the law of two child policy.

4. To ensure proper compliance of the law, loopholes like multiple marriages and divorces need to be plugged. A man can only have two children irrespective of how many marriages he has.

5. There could be well thought exceptions like a child being handicapped etc. but with proper checks and balances.

A large number of people are raising their voice against the constant population rise but it seems that the government of the day is totally indifferent to such a big issue.

We the citizens of India Demand that a Law should be brought in immediately in the long term interest of the Indian People.

Vivek Aggarwal