Baba Hardev Singh accident case and role of nirankari mandal

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Sri Hardev Singh Ji was the Sadguru of Nirankari mission for a very long time, and he had died in a car accident in Montreal on 13 may 2016. 

In this accident, there were 4 people in the car, Hardev ji and his younger son in law Avneet Sethia died while His elder son in law Sandeep Khinda who was driving the car, was safe. 

But the report is saying that babaji had multiple injuries, cuts and bruises which are showing that it is not a case of accident. Moreover , reports say that the body of Babaji and Avneet were ejected from the car, which is not possible, because the glass were closed and the car had have safety bags too, and Babaji always used seat belts.

After this incident, post mortem was not done, in other words, it seems that some people wanted to stop the investigation of this case.

It is my humble request to our Prime minister to reopen this case with the help of Canadian government, and Sandeep Khinda is arrested recently in some fraud case, so please do some interrogation, so that the truth of this incident may come into the picture.

Moreover their is no transparency in Nirankari mandal about money, how much money they are receiving and how much they are using in charitable works. A fair investigation is demanded for the transparency about money also.