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Oz City Street Food Stalls: Sanity Concern

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Foods are necessary for living. In our daily lives, we take food to have the energy to do work.  However, it would be a big problem if the food that we eat are not sanitized properly. It would cause damage to our health and might as well to our living. One great example for these kind of foods are found on streets- street foods. Street foods are being loved by many for its explicit taste and affordability.  Yes, most of us probably grew up buying these kind of foods. On contrary, it is also essential for the safetiness of many  to take into consideration the sanitation of making and selling these food products.

Mainly our petition focuses on giving attention to our concern as to the sanitation of the foods being sold on the streets. Our group is worried as to the possible negative effects of neglecting the cleanliness of these foods.

The following are our reasons why ought to do this petition:

* The cooking oil used for cooking is seldom change.

* The foods are expose to dust and smoke by vehicles passing by.

* The food stall is not clean enough.

*The buyers often dip their foods on sauces after taking a bite which leaves their saliva to the sauces.

* Mostly, the vendors themselves are not observing proper hygiene.

This petition also aims to promote awareness to the street food lovers that they must be aware of the existing problem. We do not deprive anyone to not eat nor buy street food. What we want to convey is that one must be responsible enough. We want to have an action for this. Perhaps, all can make an action for this. We are also calling for the vendors to please improve their sanitation for they are selling foods- foods that will enter the body and may affect one's health.

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