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One black man, a “rapper”, with 11 children by 10 women. A stereotype so far out of the norm that it borders on hyperbolic racist fantasy of how black people live their lives. The majority of us do not live this way. It gives young women and men who lack a stable foundation the wrong idea about single parenting, fame, and infamy. It is wrong on TOO many levels to fit into this small space!

Letter to
Senior VP, Corporate Communications for Oxygen Media Cameron Blanchard
Please Stop "All my Babies' Mamas"

A channel with a name like Oxygen should embody the qualities of the element itself. We are all connected by living and breathing Oxygen. It is necessary for life. It is within itself, life affirming. Why then would you want to promote a show that does nothing but suck the life breath out of an entire community? Not just an entire community, but in reality the entire country. All a show like “All my Babies’ Mamas” does is provide more divisive content that supports a false narrative of who and what black people are in America. There are so many people who have little exposure (if any) to black people in daily life. A show like this perpetrates a very low, negative, stereotypical image that is purely exploitive and has no redeemable value to society.
Please stop providing shows that pollute the “airways” instead of providing pure, breathable “Oxygen”! If your sole aim in presenting a show of this quality is to draw in sponsors and viewers then you have been reduced to catering solely to your “Bottom Line” by scrapping the bottom of the proverbial barrel. This show is definitely at the BOTTOM! If you won’t listen, perhaps those who are potential sponsors will. We will start with this petition, appealing to your better judgment. If this does not move you to cancel the pilot and any potential episodes you have already produced, then we will move on to launch a boycott of any and all potential sponsors of this show and your network.
Oxygen has a tagline “Live out Loud” what is the point of promoting this philosophy if it’s simply “Loud” but totally WRONG? We KNOW you can do better than this and sincerely hope you will!

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