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Oxygen Media and DiGa Vision: Cancel Shawty Lo's "All My Babies' Mamas," a show that stereotypes and demeans black children, mothers and dads!


This is not just an attack on African-American parents and children....but ALL PARENTS AND CHILDREN!

As dysfunctional and violent as so-called reality shows are, could you ever imagine a one hour spectacle where 11 children are forced to witness their 10 unwed mothers clamor for financial support, emotional attention and sexual reward from Shawty-Lo, the apathetic ‘father’?

 Could you imagine that Oxygen Media, known for violent programming targeting young women with stereotypical images, would consider the embarrassment that these children will experience, being used as entertainment?

 Could you imagine that Oxygen Media, would use a slur against mothers, fathers and children and entitle this debacle, “All My Babies’ Mamas”? Cori Abraham, Oxygen Media, Senior Vice President of Development wrote in a press release: “…..over-the-top moments that our young, diverse female audience can tweet and gossip about….leaving the man of the house to split his affection multiple ways while trying to create order… but sharing your man with several opinionated women is bound to create issues.”

 Tragically, this day has come.

 What is the difference between this train wreck and the other reality trash which clog the airwaves?


And it is these children...our children who will hold all of us accountable by allowing them to be exploited, internationally, in this manner. Our children will suffer from these negativity and for someone like you standing up for them and saying:


What You Can Do?

"Sign today to tell Oxygen that their viewers will not tolerate a show that exploits and stereotypes Black children and families, and we will boycott any advertiser who chooses to support the show."

Join,, The Mo'Kelly Report/The Mo'Kelly Show,, Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter of The Odyssey Project, Truth in Reality and other influential individuals like signing this petition and forward to your friends, family and colleagues. And make sure that everyone in your household stands up.

With your voice...this ugliness will not see international airwaves.



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