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Oxnard Champions Soccer League: Allow our girls soccer team a fair chance at playing for the championship.

About four months ago a soccer team was formed which consisted of ten girls who are 7-8 years old. They were signed up to play in a local league within the U8 division, against girls who were also 7-8 years old. Throughout the tournament our girls remained undefeated and showed good sportsmanship. Our girls team which goes by Barcelona showed up to play for the championship game and were surprised to see they had to play a new team which consisted of 8-10 year olds. Although our team had played against the original team three times prior to the championship game on game day they were forced to play against older girls which the coach placed on the team in order to help secure his team a win. Unfortunately the team Coach is also the league organizer and our girls were forced to play against the new team or forfeit. Our girls were considerably outsized and unfortunately lost 3-2 after having kept a record of 13-0 throughout the tournament. What we are asking is to have an opportunity to play against a team which is of the same division and age group. Our girls deserve a fair game and opportunity to play for the championship. Please help us in signing our petition to create awareness of unfair league practices. All we are asking for is a fair opportunity. Let's not allow this league board member and coach to do as he wants and not follow the rules. Thank you for your time!

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  • Soccer House 406 S. A Street. Oxnard
    Juan Tolentino
  • Oxnard Champions Soccer League
    Cesar Caes

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