Get two new words in the Oxford dictionary

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The first reason why I would like to add "Litty" is that its a word that can be used in multiple circumstances for example you find something that is really cool or fun you could say "oh my god that was pretty "Litty" or you could you could use it to acknowledge something/someone for example if your friend asks if you want to come over you could just say "Litty" and they would immediately know what you mean. The second word/ phrase I would like to add is "Muh duce" or "duce". this word much like "Litty" has multiple meanings varying from "friend" to "family", it could also be used to make new friends as if you meet someone new and you don't know their name you could just call them your "duce" and they would know what you mean and would hopefully feel special and appreciated and would obviously lie to get to know you better.  

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