Change the name of a "quadbike" to "quadcycle"

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The name "quadbike" is ineffecient to the meaning of a "quadbike". "Quad" means 4, and bike is short for bicyle. Bi, as in two, e.g. bisexual, bicurious. Hence, a "quadbike" would have 4 sets of 2 wheels, creating a total of 8 wheels, which only four are actually there, at the very least, this is false advertising and companies such as QuadbikesRUs and One Stop Quadbike should be fined with the money going to the Oxford Dictionary to pay for reprints of said dictionary. 

In conclusion, this pressing matter needs to be dealt with in a severe yet responsible way; I have selected Kim Kardashian to take lead on this case. 

Yours truly, 

Mason Carr (grammar enthusiast).

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