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Speed Reduction on County Road 6 in front of Zorra Highland Park

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 In the Month of September, 2017, the Oxford County Public Works performed a speed study in front of Zorra Highland Park, located on Oxford Road 6 in Oxford County.  The speed study was conducted over 8 days, and it showed that speeds in front of the school ranged from 87.6 to 102 km/h during school hours.  

All of the students are bused to the School, so at dismissal time there are hundreds of children coming out to get onto their bus, and the 7 buses are pulling off of the property to merge into traffic and deliver the students home safely.  As you can imagine having cars and trucks passing the school at a speed which is 10 km/h over the posted limit of 80 km/h will make it more difficult for the buses, as well as parents and guardians who are collecting their children from school instead of having them take the bus.  

Oxford County has indicated that they will be placing over sized school zone signs along the road to replace the current signs, however it has been over 2 months since that indication was made with no signs in place.  

We would like to see the speed in front of the School slowed to 60km/h during school drop off times (8:30 am - 9:15 am and 3:00pm - 3:45 pm, Monday - Friday) to ensure that the faculty, staff and students can all safely get to the school.  We would like the installation of lights that when flashing indicate the school zone and a speed reduction.  Legislation has been passed that city school zones have a speed limit of 40 km/h.  We would also like to have the promised signage placed as indicated in an email from Nov. 23rd to the Zorra Township staff.  These are our children and future, slowing traffic for a few hours during the day will NOT adversely affect any of the drivers or make them late, however a potential accident could impact the entire community quite drastically.

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