Take down the Confederate statues on the Oxford Square and on the Ole Miss campus.

The state of Mississippi seceded because it wished to hold on to the institution of slavery at all costs and that statue is nothing but an antiquated attempt to glorify and whitewash the sins of the past. The only way Oxford can move forward and embrace the possibilities of the future is by demonstrating that it no longer wishes to be associated with a "lost cause" that championed treason in the name of depriving an entire race of people of their liberty and their humanity in the name of commerce simply because of the color of their skin. If the city wants to keep that statue there is only one place it belongs and that is in a museum, not in front of a courthouse because while it may have represented the values of the majority of Oxfonians at the beginning of the 20th century, when they were in the heat of Jim Crow and most southern whites believed that Black Lives didn't matter, it certainly does not represent their values in the 21st century when people coast to coast are chanting in the streets that Black Lives do Matter.

Santiago Aguirre, Oxford, MS, United States
5 months ago
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