Decision Maker Response

Oxford City Council’s response

Dec 14, 2016 — In response to your four points:

1. It is not possible to sample the air of a future development. Air Quality Assessments are already required for any new development likely to impact air quality.

2. We monitor air quality at 75 locations across the city, prioritised for areas where we predict the worst air quality.

3. We do this already; live information is available here: and summary report here:

4. Oxford introduced a Low Emission Zone in 2014 which limits bus emissions in the city centre. We also have an Air Quality Action Plan in place which aims to reduce emissions, more here:

Overall, working with partners including Oxfordshire County Council (the transport authority) and bus companies, we have reduced road side levels of nitrogen dioxide in Oxford by 35% in the last decade. More information here:–_new_data.