Remove Ryan Madison & PornFidelity Videos from Pornhub, Redtube, & YouPorn

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Over the past 48 hours it has become apparent that Ryan Madison of porn fidelity is a known rapist and abuser in the porn industry. It is completely unethical to allow the videos of his abuse to remain up on Pornhub, and to allow this man to continue profiting off of his victims. We immediately demand that Pornhub, and all of the mindgeek sister sites, remove every video featuring Ryan Madison, and every video made under the pornFidelity website.


There is absolutely no excuse for so many girls to have experienced such terrible things with this man. Everybody who sent performers to this man, while knowing what he has done, is fully complicit.

Every porn performer deserves to be treated with respect and professionalism while on porn set. Consent applies to EVERYONE, including sex workers.


By signing this petition you are showing your support for the performers in the porn industry.

By signing this petition you promise to ethically consume porn to the best of your ability.

By signing this petition you promise not to enable predators in porn the future.