Fix the BMW M brakes

Fix the BMW M brakes

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Do you own a late model BMW M car (M2, M3, M5) and have brakes that don't just squeak, but they squeal at decibel levels that make everyone's head turn.  These brakes are so loud you can not even hear the radio.  Not minor nuisance, but a ridiculous problem.  Are you embarrassed to drive your expensive car?

We were never told about this until we took the car to service and the common response is: (1) Read this pamphlet about your loud brakes.  These brakes are so bad BMW has a service pamphlet about it! Why didn't the sales person show us that!!! (2) several service people telling us to brake at unsafe speed and pressure instead of slow safe braking. (3) and telling us all high performance brakes do this; which is inaccurate.

These are not just mildly annoying brakes, it makes the car almost not road worthy.  At the very least it makes our very expensive purchases a complete disappointment.  Feel free to share your recordings of your brakes so future potential M car buyers know to stay away.  And I say this as a huge BMW fan and someone who wanted to own an M5 his whole life.

BMW should fix these or offer us a different break setup if we aren't using these things on tracks.